Anime in Jump Force

Jump Force, a game based on a selection of Shōnen Jump's anime. The game covers 15 anime titles and has 53 characters pulled from those titles. Of those characters, 10 are paid for as DLC's (downloadable content). Check out the below list to see which anime and characters were pulled into the game.

I finally finished Hunter X Hunter!

I started watching Hunter X Hunter ages ago. Then life did what it does and got real and then I got distracted and then I finally made my way back to the series and have finally completed it! Well, the anime anyway. Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power Type: Series Episodes: 148 Duration to watch: +/-... Continue Reading →

Just started Hunter X Hunter, and I have a problem

A few days back I decided I will finally start this and took the advice of many and started the more recent adaptation.  Now 22 episodes in and I already have a rather glaring issue. Just how old was Gon's dad when Gon was born?  In the anime, it is clearly stated that his father, Ging... Continue Reading →

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