The “anime” cons & expos I aim to attend in 2019

When I first really fell into the whole 'anime' world and really got into it, there weren't really stores or events in South Africa that helped me express this new found passion of mine. Or rather, so I had thought. It was only after talking to other people at rAge did I learn that there... Continue Reading →

What is ICON CGC?

ICON CGC is officially happening in less than ten days time and yet it is still somewhat unclear what ICON CGC is and what you can expect from it. Unless you have already attended ICON CGC in previous years, then you should know what to expect better than I do. ICON Comic and Games Convention... Continue Reading →

The “anime” cons & expos I aim to attend in 2018

It is that time of year where I start looking at my overall finances and goals for the year ahead and see how I can make the two of them line up. Having said that, I have decided to actively become more involved in the 'geek' community in my area - a.k.a basically Gauteng and... Continue Reading →

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