14 Epic Mangaka

Those of us who appreciate the anime and manga industry owe a lot to the brains behind it all, from the publishers, editors, translators and all the other people working behind the scenes. We, however, need to be especially thankful for the creative and talented people who thought of the stories, characters and the worlds... Continue Reading →

Defending InuYasha’s Indecisiveness

There are many points of InuYasha that seem to annoy its fans. For me, it was Kagome always saying sit and the somewhat repetitive plot cycle. For others, it was InuYasha's indecisiveness between Kikyō and Kagome. In this post, I would actually like to back him up and support the fact that he was torn... Continue Reading →

Change the World Lyrics

InuYasha – Change the World

Richard Ian Cox

Behind the voice

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