19 Inspiring anime characters

Each anime has at least one inspiring character for one reason or another. Below is a list of 19 anime characters that I find inspiring. 1 Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie in April) Kaori's an independent and is a support for other characters. She puts up a smile in front of others, regardless of how she... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Assassination Classroom

The very first Friday of the year has come and with it the last day of my holiday! Back to work for me come Monday.  I decided to use Assassination Classroom for today's theme since I was going through the anime images I have and noticed I already have quite a few images that I... Continue Reading →

How fast is Mach 20 really?

Assassination classroom quickly became a fan favourite where students have to kill their teacher. Who has never thought of that at least once? Anyway, the act of killing their teacher is ridiculously difficult for many reasons, one of them being that he can move at Mach 20. Yea I also numbly accepted the whole vague... Continue Reading →

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