Free Black Butler Anime Calendar 2023

Here are two free downloadable Black Butler anime calendar available for the year 2023. Both of the calendars are downloadable and printable.

5 Epic Anime Cats

A simple list featuring five epic cats from different anime for International Cat Day on the 8th of August 2022.

20 Manga to read this Lockdown

With still 20 days to go with the nationwide lockdown, that gives plenty of time to sit back and read some epic page-turners. Below is a mix of 20 manga. Some are ongoing but most of the below are completed. 1 One Piece With over 970 chapters and still ongoing, One Piece is a massive... Continue Reading →

Yukari Tamura, a voice to many

We all fall in love with characters of our fave anime, and a big reason and contribution to this is thanks to the person who voices these characters. Yukari Tamura is a Japanese voice actress which is more commonly known as a seiyuu. She was born on the 27th of February in 1976 in Fukuoka, Japan.... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Missed Features

Each week I do a themed Anime Fan Art Friday and this week is no different, except I am covering all of the anime that have already been featured. I am also doing one other new thing, I am not sourcing art, instead, I am just linking to the previous features if you have not... Continue Reading →

The “Devil Six”

The "Devil Six" are a group of the highest ranking characters of Black Butler/kuroshitsuji. The rankings were decided by on official character popularity poll of the characters. The poll was to celebrate the 100th serialized chapter. Chapter 105 of the manga only shows the ten most popular characters; the top six characters are regarded as the... Continue Reading →

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