3 of My Least Liked One Piece Characters [15/30]

Ussop used to one of the characters that I did not like. This was because of his voice. However, after re-watching One Piece and meeting a lot more characters, I have changed my mind. Ussop also grew and I adapted to his voice. Thus he is no longer my most annoying character from One Piece. Another character now holds that title, or rather three do.

My Least Liked Arc and Saga of One Piece Are Basic Picks [14/30]

Going by yesterday's question, there is no surprise that todays is asking which story arc of One Piece did is disliked. With the enormous amount of episodes and chapters that the series has, it is not surprising that not every arc or saga is liked, or particularly enjoyed. That does not mean they were bad, just not to our liking.

My Favourite Arc of One Piece is Not From my Favourite Saga [13/30]

There are plenty of arcs in One Piece. These story arcs add up to make larger interlinked saga's. Even though we are fast approaching 1 000 episodes, we have only had 9 saga's. These 9 sagas are then broken down into 31 story arcs. Here is a list of the arcs and sagas, as well as my favourite arc and my favourite saga from the series. I am still not surprised that my favourite arc is not part of my preferred saga.

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