Man Crush Monday: Abarai Renji

Long, red locks, muscular, lean and tall plus a somewhat snarky attitude, what is there not to like? At first he was merely a bad guy but then soon his story is told. Once I had learned more about Renji the more I came to like him. He is stubborn and loyal almost to a fault.... Continue Reading →

Man Crush Monday: Kang Jinha

Not so long ago I started reading A Man Like You and the first impressions of Kang Jinha were not what you would call good. He was mysteriously in the dream, moody and arrogant.  So how did he become my Man Crush Monday? Well simply put, his perseverance. As the series goes on it is... Continue Reading →

Viktor Nikiforov

I have seen a few anime crush posts and thought I would give it a try. So to kick start it off I am dedicating the first Man Crush Monday to Viktor! I absolutely adore Viktor and his flamboyant and flirtatious personality. Plus I cannot but help the fan girl in me squeal when he... Continue Reading →

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