There is nothing warm about Warm Wedding

Warm Wedding has so many lies, half-truths and secrets that it already started out as a mental bomb waiting to happen.

Mairunovich, a mushroom’s transformation

Mangaka: Sato Zakuri Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo Chapters: 76 Status: Complete Release Date: December 2010 Anime adaption: No About Kinoshita Mairu is troubled, she is called the poison mushroom by her classmates and has even taken to calling herself that as well. All because she is ugly. She is even apologetic to her cute... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tail: Will Fate Burn?

Oh my word chapter 523 of Fairy Tail! What will happen with Gray and his Lost Iced Shell? This is a chapter analysis so yes there are spoilers involved. So lucky to have a double chapter release! So what all happened? Zeref is surprised and wonders briefly where Gray had learned the lost attribute. It... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tail: Gray’s Trump Card

Chapter 522 was awesome! Some of you called it with what was going to happen and yet it was still epic! This is a chapter analysis so yes there will be spoilers! I would still recommend you read the manga chapter! So what all happened? Gray is the first to arrive at Fairy Tail where... Continue Reading →

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