6 One Piece Manga Covers That I Love and Why [12/30]

or my fellow manga readers. With over 1000 chapters and almost 100 volumes for the manga, we have a whole lot of cover art to choose from.

18 One Piece Closing Songs and My Favourite Is… [12/30]

As mentioned with yesterday's most enjoyed One Piece intro post, with the anime having nearly one thousand episodes, there are some really good outros. It is sad though that from episode 279, the decision was made to no longer feature closing tracks.

4 One Piece Fan Art Pieces That I Am Obsessed With [11/30]

For these 30 One Piece questions I have made it possible to answer for the anime as well as the manga. As such, day 11's first post, 'Which One Piece opening track did you enjoy the most?' is obviously focused on the anime, as such the question for favourite fan art is to count in my fellow manga readers.

23 One Piece Opening Songs and My Favourite Is… [11/30]

With nearly one thousand episodes, One Piece has had it's fair share of opening songs. Some of them have been amazing, some iconic and some have been epic. Between FUNimataion and 4Kids, we also got some of the intro tracks dubbed into English.

One Piece Episode That Brings Me Joy [10/30]

Deciding which One Piece episode was hard. I thought of the various episodes that I really, really like and honestly do not mind watching again.

I Claim a Whole Arc for my Favourite One Piece Fight [9/30]

One Piece is renowned for the battles that happen in it. There are plenty of battles, from funny ones to emotional ones, as well as nonsensical ones and of course the high-stake ones. As such, there are plenty of fights to choose from. I myself chose one of my favourites from the anime.

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