My Favourite One Piece Game to Play Is…[30/30]

Choosing which is my favourite One Piece game to play was a bit of a trick question for myself. Namely because my experience with One Piece games is limited to two games. One of which, is not a One Piece game, but has One Piece as part of the game.

4 One Piece Characters I Would Cosplay [29/30]

I am not a cosplayer, I am a sucker for cosplays and cosplayers though. I do have characters that I would like to cosplay from One Piece but feel that I would not do them justice. Below are 4 characters from One Piece that I know I would have fun cosplaying as if I were to do any One Piece cosplay.

4 One Piece Ships I Adore [27/30]

Shipping characters in anime has become a fun thing that I adore. As such, One Piece has not escaped this habit I have developed. Some of the 'ships' that I adore have been from finds on Google, conversations and the rest have developed through my own interest in the characters.

The One Piece Character That I Am Most Like Is…[26/30]

challenging due to the number of characters the series has on offer and the fact that I do not really see myself in any of them. I though on it for ages, I asked the community, I asked friends and I spent hours reading character sheets going over the personality aspects. This is the result.

Dub or Sub, I watch One Piece in… [23/30]

There seems to be an imagined hierarchy with some anime viewers who believe watching subbed anime is better than watching dubbed. I do not agree nor buy into that. Thus, I included this question into the series. This one is obviously only for the anime watchers. The manga focused question will be posted in a few hours.

My Favourite Ability in One Piece [21/30]

The question of what is your favourite ability in One Piece can be interpreted in multiple ways. It can be seen as asking broadly for your favourite devil fruit or fighting style. It can also be seen as do you prefer Devil Fruits, fighting abilities or the voice of all things. So for this post I shall answer which I like of the three over all and then specifically which fighting style and which devil fruit I like.

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