20 Manga to read this Lockdown

With still 20 days to go with the nationwide lockdown, that gives plenty of time to sit back and read some epic page-turners. Below is a mix of 20 manga. Some are ongoing but most of the below are completed. 1 One Piece With over 970 chapters and still ongoing, One Piece is a massive... Continue Reading →

21 Classic Anime to watch this Lockdown

Many countries around the world have now implemented some sort of lockdown due to Coronavirus (Covid-19). South Africa, as of Thursday night at midnight went on a nationwide lockdown.  What is a person to do? Whether you are a die-hard fan, just discovering or merely curious or just want something to watch,  below are 21... Continue Reading →

Free One Piece 2020 Calendar

The theme for 2020 is Anime battles! When selecting the battles to highlight in the calendar I once again asked the community around the blog to get suggestions and boy, did I get a whole lot of really good suggestions! So by taking nothing other than community suggestions, I present to you 2020's One Piece... Continue Reading →

3 Favourite Frankenstein’s

30 August is Frankenstein day! Frankenstein is such an iconic name even making its way into anime and manga. It has reached a status that upon hearing the name you already have a clear picture of a character in mind long before you actually get a clear character breakdown or visual. Much like Sebastion is an... Continue Reading →

I caught up on One Piece

6 August 2018, I had done the impossible. The morning of the 6th, I had just two episodes to go until I reached episode 848 of One Piece. Which at that time, meant that I had actually caught up on the entirety of the anime episodes that had been released. I am now one of... Continue Reading →

One Piece Calendar 2019

It's that time of year again where I start sharing the various calendars that I have made for the coming year! This year's theme had been members and 2019's theme is moments. So far I have decided on the below anime for calendars: One Piece Naruto Bleach Fairy Tail Without further delay, here is the... Continue Reading →

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