10 Anime I am watching this season

It dawned on me the other day that we are in fact in the new season of anime releases. I have been ignoring the signs that we are now in autumn but that also means that for anime, we are now in the spring releases. So while I am not ready for the cold, I... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Missed Features

Each week I do a themed Anime Fan Art Friday and this week is no different, except I am covering all of the anime that have already been featured. I am also doing one other new thing, I am not sourcing art, instead, I am just linking to the previous features if you have not... Continue Reading →

AFAF: One Punch Man

When I first heard of One Punch Man I thought what a load of crap. Then I watched episode one and I still found myself asking why am I watching this over-hyped show and then by episode five I was hooked. Below are a few of my favourite fan arts from One Punch Man! G... Continue Reading →

Anime that I am ashamed I enjoyed

I know in general there are no anime that you should feel ashamed for watching but there are. Whether it is due to the reputation of the show like Boku no Pico (if you don’t know this one, I advise you research with caution) or the art work or just because of your own personal... Continue Reading →


Character Break Down

One Punch Man

Anime Review, may contain spoilers.

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