The Return of Rurouni Kenshin

After 27 years, Rurouni Kenshin returns with a new anime adaptation based on Nobuhiro Watsuki's original manga series. Learn what to expect from the new version, as well as the genre list and why you should see it even if you've watched the original.

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 6

Catching up on Detective Conan and I have completed six of my seven month journey.

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 4 and 5

Catching up on Detective Conan during April and May was difficult but I did it!

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 3

March for me was an insane month for me and made my 5 episodes per day nigh impossible. Still, I gave it my best effort.

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 2

Taking on the massive series with over 1 000 episodes, Detective Conan has so far been a challenge. With the end of February that meant my second month of watching a few episodes a day has come to an end.

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 1

As a long time anime consumer and then turned blogger, I felt that I needed to give Detective Conan a fair shot.

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