rAge 2019, a fun weekend

Only two days after ComicCon Africa, it was time to once again grab my mini tripod, my walking shoes and prepare for another long drive and get myself to the TicketPro Dome for the rAge expo of 2019. Friday 27 September happened to be my 26th birthday and the first day of rAge. Since it... Continue Reading →

The “anime” cons & expos I aim to attend in 2019

When I first really fell into the whole 'anime' world and really got into it, there weren't really stores or events in South Africa that helped me express this new found passion of mine. Or rather, so I had thought. It was only after talking to other people at rAge did I learn that there... Continue Reading →

My rAge Experience

Oh my gosh these past few weeks have been hectic! I have been on the go non-stop since the week before Comic-Con Africa and my body is just not used to it. So here we are a week and a bit after the end of rAge and I have a blocked nose, coughing and am... Continue Reading →

My rAge reflection 2017

Sunday once again saw the end of rAge 2017 where they celebrated 15 years of awesomeness. Today officially a week has passed and I can not believe rAge is done and dusted for this year. Now the wait is back on for next year. So what actually happened at rAge this year? On Friday I... Continue Reading →

My focus at rAge 2017

Every year I walk through the doors and am astounded by the sheer size of rAge and the mass of people walking around. Being me, naturally, I want to see everything and everyone. I want to get a picture of every cosplayer, the whole group of cosplayers. I want a picture of every stall and... Continue Reading →

rAge is tomorrow!

Are you ready for the whirlwind rush known as rAge? Ready or not rAge 2017 starts tomorrow at 10am! I am running around chaotically rushing at the last minute to get everything done and ready. I am really excited for this. I have been waiting all year and finally, it is less than 24 hours... Continue Reading →

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