Free 2020 Romance Anime Calendar

The theme for 2020 is romance battles. Thus when picking the couples and romance anime to use in this calendar I made sure to select those who really had to 'fight' to be together. Whether they are fighting their own selves or their current situation. Of course, not all of them had a successful end,... Continue Reading →

10 short Romance Anime to Watch

Valentine's day always guarantees plenty sappy, overly sweet cliche's and I thought what better way to celebrate this day other than providing a top ten list of anime that match the cloying sweetness of the Valentines day. Each of the below anime is a short anime, guaranteeing that you can watch the entirety of it in one sitting.... Continue Reading →

Vampire Knight

Anime Review

5 Romantic anime, that don’t suck too badly

Romantic anime, that doesn’t suck too badly for non romantics.

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