Past week’s obsessions #03

Okay so I know that I have been quiet these past two weeks and technically this should be week 04 but so much has happened and I just did not have the energy for anything. Anime Akatsuki no Yona ~I watched just the first 4 episodes and so far I am rather impressed at how it... Continue Reading →

Vampire Library: The Eighth Gourmet

Yas Yas Yas we finally have the next chapter and it does not disappoint! Remember this is a chapter analysis so there will obviously be spoilers. You have been warned but carry on reading if you have already read this chapter or do not care if it has been spoiled. It is revealed that the... Continue Reading →

Vampire Library: 12

After what seemed like eternity we finally got chapter 12, but the chapter was not long enough for me. Warning this is a chapter analyse post so it is riddled with spoilers! Louis goes looking for Mano and asks Carvel where he is. Sensing that he is asleep Carvel and Louis go to Mano’s room.... Continue Reading →

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