What Lies At The End, ended?

I was so happy to see that another chapter had been released, translated and updated on my app and then in one swift move my happiness was pulled away from underneath me.  Mangaka: Haribo Type: Webtoon Genre:  School Life, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Yaoi Chapters:  60 - some are listed as .2 or .5 Status: Complete Anime adaptation:... Continue Reading →

What Lies At The End chapter 24

Oh wow, this was such a borderline gay chapter! Just like a lot of the others with so many ‘so close’ moments. Otherwise this chapter is finally moving us forward and I can’t wait to see how this will all be handled and what the future holds for these two! This is a chapter analysis... Continue Reading →

What Lies at the End 23

We are back in the past with the two of them as children. Woojin has started acting strangely and is acting distant towards Yoon Taemin after the incident with Woojin’s mother. His strange distance is really upsetting Taemin. He wants to apologise for that properly and explain it was his own fault for interfering and... Continue Reading →

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