Son Goku


Son Goku, The Four Tailed Beast

Son Goku hates to be referred to simply as “Four-Tails”. He is excessively proud of his namesake, Son Goku, ‘King of Monkeys‘. He uses ore to refer to himself.

This is a very proud Tailed Beast. He hates humans due to their enslavement of him. However he will respect humans who show respect towards Tailed Beasts. He himself is also respectful to his fellow tailed beasts.

Son Gokū resembles a large monkey with red-fur and green-skin, with the body-build of a gorilla. Its eyes have yellow irises and white pupils. Son Goku has spike-like protrusions running along the length of its four tails. He also has elongated blunt fangs, and two long horns curving upwards on its forehead like a crown (both its fangs and horns are dark-tipped). In its mouth, Son doesn’t have a tongue, but has a big, round opening from where it can spit lava.

Son Goku has a deceptive nimbleness compared to its size and utilises it to give powerful and well-timed kicks against its opponents. It is also capable of  Fire Release and Earth Release simultaneously, which allows it to use Lava Release.

While at first belligerent, he warms up to Naruto after talking to him and discovering that he was a straightforward, good person. He offers Naruto some of his chakra.

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