Post Series

A collection of blog post series I have done over the years. All located in one easy to find place, allowing anyone to find the entire series in one go.

The series cover challenges, countdowns and a variety of other posts covering all things anime and manga.

21 Day Lockdown Series

Nine Tailed Beasts of Naruto

  1. The Tailed Beasts of Naruto
  2. Shukaku
  3.  Matatabi
  4.  Isobu
  5. Son Goku
  6.  Kokuō
  7.  Saiken
  8.  Chōmei
  9.  Gyūki
  10.  Kurama 

The Colour Series

This series delves into colour histories, meanings and characters with a specific hair colour.

  1. Purple Haired Anime Characters
  2. Red-Haired Anime Characters

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