Timeless Anime Calendars

I have decided to dedicate some time and effort to making free timeless anime calendars from the anime that I myself and others enjoy but there are not enough screenshots to make a different calendar each year. I use screenshots that I personally take from the anime to make the calendars. Hence why my calendars are free. They are made by an anime fan for fellow fans and no profit is made.

I am hosting the downloadable PDF’s of each timeless calendar on my KO-FI account. They are free to download. By hosting them on KO-FI it makes it easier for anyone who would like to or can leave a β€˜tip’ as thanks for the effort that goes into creating the calendars. Or you can save the individual images each month from their host pages on my blog here. The themes are below.Β 

I shall be releasing the timeless calendars periodically throughout the year. So it would be a good idea to check back here on occasion to see what is new. Or follow my KO-FI account, which will notify you automatically.

What is a timeless calendar?

  • Every calendar page has 31 days. This way each calendar page will accommodate every month.
  • There is space for you to label each day of the week for you so that you can know what day of the week it is.
Timeless Calendar Anime Calendar Template Example

I feel that this makes the calendar adaptable to any month and every year. Hence, the calendars are timeless. I am open to suggestions to making these easier to use and work with. I am also putting together a version that is just the dates and not the squares for note space, as I know a lot of people enjoy that format too.

Timeless Anime Calendar Themes:

Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Cyberpunk Edgerunners Anime Calendar

Death Parade

Death Parade free downloadable Anime Calendar

Your thoughts?

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