True or False- Sword Art Online

Many things are said about many various anime, but how well do you know Sword Art Online? Will you be able to spot the difference between the truth and the lies? Are you ready for this challenge?

Below are five statements they may all be true or they may all be false, who knows? Do you?

1. The original Sword Art Online (SAO) takes place in a world that takes the form of a giant floating castle called Aincrad, with 100 floors in it.

2. Each of the floors of the giant floating castle is medieval-themed setting and a dungeon with a boss. which has to be defeated before players can advance to the next higher floor.

3. Sword Art Online was written and illustrated by Reki Kawahara.

4. A total of 3853 people were killed or died while playing Sword Art Online.

5. Beater means to dominate over the opponent and have very few losses.  

Well there are the five statements, feel free to tell me which ones are fact and which ones are fiction in the comments.  Good Luck!

Check back in tomorrow to see the answers.


This was written by me and originally posted over at Sleeping Geeks.

Your thoughts?

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