Angel Beats

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, School, Supernatural
  • Season: 1
  • Episodes: 13



Otonashi wakes up to find a girl with a rifle, Yuri, telling him he is dead. She immediately invites him to join the Afterlife Battlefront. Realizing that the only thing he remembers is nothing but his name. Having trouble believing what Yuri has told him, he ignores her explanation that he is in the afterlife and that they are at war against a girl named Angel who uses supernatural powers to fight against the Battlefront.  Otanashi decides to speak to Angel, an encounter that did not go as expected. Otanashi joins the battlefront and takes part in the missions to fight back. The group  fights against God for the negative experiences that SSS members went through in life. While trying to recover his memories, Otonashi tries to make sense of the ‘high school limbo’ he has found himself in. Just when things start to sort themselves out a new threat awakens forcing him to speed up his plan.

My Thoughts: 

I had read post after post about how sad and heartbreaking this anime was. I agree that the backstory of each of the characters is sad, it had to be for them to be there in limbo, however I think it is really over rated on how ‘sad‘ this anime is. I enjoyed the whole concept and the music was good. Each character’s individual quirks which set them apart from one another was amusing and a little exaggerated in some aspects. However it did make each character memorable.  I also enjoyed the outlandish traps and ‘death’ scenes. I dunno, maybe I am a bit too old for this anime for it to be so heart breaking or my view point is warped, but I cannot say that it was one of the saddest anime I have seen.

Am I alone in thinking that the sadness is over rated? I would love to know what were your thoughts on Angel Beats?



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