My Secret Lyrics

Here is Kaihou wa maid-sama (The president is a maid) intro song, My Secret. It was preformed by Mizuno Saaya. I really enjoy this opening intro whenever I hear it play.

The Song:


The Lyrics:

In the sparkling mirror,
just what kind of image do I reflect?

As future waves its inviting hand at us,
just what kind of things will happen from this point?

What you see is not everything! Looks can be deceiving!

Even if I become absorbed in something, that’s all right.
Without getting lost, I wanna try.
I want to be honest with my feelings.
But there’s always one or two little secrets
that I’d want to keep to myself,
my secret that makes my chest slightly ache.

As my wish expands into this and that,
just what kind of path am I following?

Please let me ask you around, guys,
just what kind of tomorrow are you depicting?

There’s no dream that can’t be reached by our hands!

Even if I just look around blindly, that’s all right.
When I become troubled, I don’t wanna cry.
I want to continue believing in my feelings.
But being alone is very painful.
That day when I, feeling uneasy, couldn’t hold my whines,
left some regret in my chest.

Even if I become absorbed in something, that’s all right.
Facing forward, I wanna try.
I want to be honest with my feelings.
Some day I’ll disclose to my loved one
my secret that I haven’t told anyone else yet

my secret that I have hid quietly in my chest.

What do you think of this opening song?

If you have any anime intro or ending songs that you would like featured in a similar post let me know.



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