No Game No Life

Wow it has been a while since I last did an anime review, August was the last time! I have watched plenty of anime since then so I am feeling a little behind schedule. Thus I shall start off with No Game No Life which I watched about halfway through September with my boyfriend since this is the type of anime he really enjoys.

  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Number of Episodes: 12
  • Season:1
  • Release date: 9 April 2014
  • Animation Studio: Mad House
  • Japanese Title: Nogemu Noraifu


Image result for no game no life chess piece

Shiro and Sora are geniuses when it comes to games. They can operate four players with just the two of them.  No matter what game they play they always leave their team name and theirs empty, earning themselves the notorious name ‘Blank’.  The siblings are very proud to be NEET’s and are terrified of the world outside. One day they are pulled into another world where everything is decided by a game, even the new king. This new reality is called Disboard where all citizens are required to live by the 10 pledges.  New to the world they are penniless and homeless. How will the duo fare in their new world and will they try to find their way back or stay in this new mysterious world of magic and games?

My Thoughts

I really like Sora and Shiro, however their co-dependency is worrying. I was fascinated at the way they would leave their name blank. I think it is ingenious!  The games played in this are really epic and so though t out. After watching each one I am always left wondering how the heck, then they go on to explain. I am glad that our world does not work in that way otherwise I would be in a really sad state since I kinda suck at games. My boyfriend enjoyed the chess game and what Sora did to turn the queen to their side. There are ecchi parts to this anime but they add to the humour rather than being the anime or distracting from the story. I really enjoyed the art work for this anime. It was smooth and also colourful.  I like the opening song and the ending song art work is stunning.


Will you watch this anime? Have you watched it already? What did you think of this anime?


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  1. I really enjoyed this. Okay, their codependency is really creepy at times if you think too much about it but it does at least give them a more human feeling given they do have a significant weakness. Otherwise they would just be too good at what they do and you would never worry about them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

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