I discovered K-pop!

Why am I spending my sick day browsing YouTube going from one K-pop video to the next? Also why am I jealous of their hair?

I think I have stumbled upon something new to irritate my parents with. Okay so in case you were not aware but K-pop stands for Korean Pop. It is a music genre originating in South Korea. Turns out that there are a few interesting facts about K-pop.

People who have potential are offered binding contract and then they live together  with other ‘trainees’ in a regulated environment where they  learn music, dance, foreign languages and other skills until they debut.

The reason English phrases are used in their songs is so that they can reach a wider global market – a.k.a us. They even usually have a ‘point dance move‘ which is a key dance move, which is meant to match with the characteristics or lyrics of the song.

The above the first Kpop song I found and listened to, I found it really funny and it started up a whole long discussion with a friend and sending screen shots of random K-pop songs to each other!

Since my discovery of K-pop I have introduced a few others to it and it has been quite fun. I also have a few on my phone although I doubt that I will become obsessed with it as other fans seem to be. I also don’t have the obsession of fascination with the groups and singers themselves. Rather I enjoy it because the song itself is good even if I do not understand all that they are saying. I rather like the fact that there are English lines tossed in and the choreography is kind of catchy.  Plus I really like the music itself.

Okay there are times where I look at what they are wearing and really want it for myself, others I look at it and wonder if the designer had been high and gone on a bad trip and was crashing when they came up with the clothes so its a love hate relationship with the clothing.

The part that I really am obsessive over is their hair! Why can’t my hair look like that? Why can’t it behave like theirs seems to? Oh right, I don’t have a dedicated team to keep it in check, sigh, the depressing side of real life.

I also made my way on towards J-pop but that is a whole different story for another time…


6 thoughts on “I discovered K-pop!

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  1. i really enjoy Kpop and Koean music in general, my Ipod library is composed of 70% of K-music song. My two top group is the 1st generation group Shinhwa and one the 3rd generation Infinite. I also really enjoy Feel Kim (soloist). One group I enjoy and I miss is MBLAQ

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  2. I’m a huge fan of Japanese rock myself. I think it’s so amazing. Aaah, I could talk about it forever, hahaha. I discovered K-Pop a few years ago when my younger cousin started sending me links to random videos one night. I think my favourite group is DBSK before they broke up. Super Junior cracks me up with soooo many of their songs. You should check out their video called Spy. I’m pretty sure it’s Super Junior, or Super Junior-M (Same band but fewer people sing, I think…).

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