Another Anime Give-away

Not much time has passed since I last did a give-away for reaching 3 000 followers on Facebook and now here I am doing another for reaching 4 000!


So what is up for grabs this time? A custom anime printed tee-shirt! You can pick the character, you can choose the anime, you can even do your own design! Either way we will work together to create a shirt that you will love!

No tacky branding, I have been there, won a shirt, recieved it only to see the stores awful branding on the back. To this day I have not worn the shirt because of that. I am not a walking bilboard. Years later and I am still upset because other than that it was a cool shirt.

So how can you win the shirt? Simple, the person with the most interaction on the Facebook page will win!

  • like = 1
  • Share = 1
  • Comment = 1 (even if you comment 5 times on one post that is still only 1)

By liking commenting and sharing, you up your chances of winning! Please remember to check the T’s and C’s for the contest by clicking here.

Also remember to keep an eye out for the birthday give-away!


Your thoughts?

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