AFAF: One Punch Man

When I first heard of One Punch Man I thought what a load of crap. Then I watched episode one and I still found myself asking why am I watching this over-hyped show and then by episode five I was hooked.

Below are a few of my favourite fan arts from One Punch Man!


G E N O S [ONE PUNCH MAN] by Puripurr

Tatsumaki Terrible Tornado

Tatsumaki Terrible Tornado by TheCecile

One Punch Man: Speed O’ Sound Sonic

One Punch Man: Speed O' Sound Sonic by Iceus135

Saitama One Punch Man

Art ID: 90913

Now that you have seen some of my favourite One Punch fan arts I would love to see some of yours. Please share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram tag @AllAnimeMag or use the #AnimeFanArtFriday so that I can see them.

Have a great weekend! (^^,) Here is a Friday funny for ya:


Genos why by s-haa
Genos why by s-haa



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