Wicked City, I did not expect this

Man oh man oh man, I am so glad that I watched this away from home and where no one else could hear what was going on. Please note that the movie is R rated and I have included screenshots from the movie.

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Demons, Drama, Horror, Super Power
  • Type: Movie
  • Duration to watch: +/- 1 Hour
  • Age restriction: R+ Nudity
  • Release date: April 1987
  • Animation Studio: Madhouse
  • Does it have a manga: No but is based on a novel called Black Gaurd
  • Kanji: 妖獣都市


Black Guards are the defenders between the parallel worlds, Earth and the Black World. For centuries a peace treaty has been in place and it is now time for the terms to be renegotiated and renewed soon to continue relative harmony. However, there is a militant faction which are against the peace treaty. Two agents of the elite organisation are charged with insuring the success of the treaty.

My Thoughts:

I am obviously a sheltered or a rather prudish person. I blushed and cringed my way through this but I actually enjoyed the overall movie. I did not expect the sex scenes at all or the detail of it. While the movie is rated R+ I did not know this at the time. I watched it while house sitting and in the first few minutes found myself blushing as moans filled the room and you could see what was happening…I am so glad le boyfriend did not have an open mic while playing Fortnite.


While there are a lot of boob shots and explicit scenes that is not the entirety of the movie. The plot itself was interesting most of the time, although not exactly greatly brought to life. There were a couple scenes where I felt that it was too convenient or things were explained in such a way that it kind of cheapened the whole entire plot.

It is also pretty straight forward with the some intriguing curveballs that you knew were coming but still did not quite see coming.

I really enjoyed the use of reds and blues throughout the entirety of the movie and how it just helped set the entire tone. I also really enjoyed their use of shadows and angles.


~ I am heading into spoiler territory here ~ 
~Skip to character section below if you wish to avoid the spoilers ~

I watched this the entire time never knowing what to quite expect with the random display of powers and direction of the plot.

The story itself was mainly to bring Makie and Taki together. While they did flirt it just felt more along the lines of their characters more than love. Taki is a playboy and enjoys flirting. Makie is an extremely beautiful woman so she is clearly use to accepting and handling flirtatious comments thrown her way. The sudden love between them threw me off a tad.

I understood Taki wanting to save his partner’s life after learning that she was still alive. After all she had technically sacrificed her life to protect both him and their charge.

Mayart I feel ruined the story slightly by revealing his entire purpose and that he arranged things to purposefully make them ‘fall in love‘. His powers I also felt were a bit too convenient, like he just revived them after they had died. but first he took them to a church and removed all their clothing and then revived them. He is also powerful enough that he was selected to protect the two of them.


I understand that trials can bring people closer and that there was an initial attraction but I question the validity of their feelings. I liked the fact the Taki said that he is not sure if he loves her after they learn the truth about the treaty.

As for the militant faction against the treaty I also felt they were made up as time went along. They were created to fulfil the ‘villain’ spot as it was needed throughout the story instead of actually being a planned out organisation.

~End of spoilers ~

Most disliked character:  Mayart Giuseppe

The moment he opened his mouth all I could hear was Master Roshi from Dragon Ball even though the voice actors are different. pst. I watched the English dub for this movie. I also noticed a similarity in their perverted ways. He just spoiled the movie for me.

Most liked character:  Makie


Out of the limited character choices, Makie was a pretty badass character and dedicated to her job, willing to give up her life if need be. So she was the one character I felt had some depth and development. Thus I liked her more than the others.

I would recommend this as a movie to watch at least once and I can honestly say a lot happens in one night.


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  1. I didn’t actually finish this. I am not overly prudish by nature but I just wasn’t getting into this at all. Even though it was only a movie, I think I gave it the flick around the half way point.

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