The First 5 – Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

I was so hyped when I first learned that this was being made into an anime. I am really enjoying the manga for this. So when the first episode was released I quickly got my hands on it and watched it straight away.

Episode 1


Our main character meets his subordinate’s girlfriend and dies while trying to protect her from a madman with a knife. His dying thoughts seem to be activating some sort of abilities. He ‘wakes’ to find himself in an unusual body, he is a slime. He spends most of the episode discovering what he can do and devouring plants and rocks. He meets a dragon and makes a new friend. Bless his subordinate for listening to his dying wish!

Episode 2


Rinmaru gets his name and eats a dragon. The world reacts to the sudden disappearance of the dragon and completely unaware, Rinmaru sets out to find an exit to the cave. While wondering around he tries out a couple skills and learns new ones.  Eventually, he manages to leave the cave and is discovered by a couple goblins. After helping out a little he is asked to help protect them from the wolves that are attacking them and becomes the goblin’s leader.

Episode 3


Rinmaru is going to war against the wolves and heals up the warrior goblins for his army. Rinmaru kills a wolf and becomes a pack leader. Now with a group of goblins and a pack of wolves under him, he needs to figure out how to look after them. Not knowing the significance, he decides to name everyone in the village. Those who got names went through big changes. Rules are set and a small team leave the village to get some experts.

Episode 4


The journey to the dwarven town continues and Rinmaru daydreams and drools over elves. The small team splits up. Trouble arrives as soon as the two monsters attempt to get into the town. They land up in prison where through sheer chance Rinmaru is able to offer his medical potion to help heal some dwarfs. Through this, he is able to make some new friends and is released from prison. He meets a dwarven smith and helps him meet his quota for an impossible order. As a reward, the dwarves take him to ‘paradise’.

Episode 5


We get a glimpse of Rinmaru’s fated partner. A drunken fight lands Rinmaru in front of the king as he and his dwarven friends now find themselves in serious trouble. Now Rinmaru has the skilled artisans he was looking for. They all head back for the village.

Will I be sticking with it or dropping it? Since I read the manga and I know what is going to happen, yes I will be sticking with this one. While the Over Powerful main character is typical and the series focuses on the comedy side rather than the progression of the plot, I know we are going to get more plot development soon. I wonder how far into the story this season will get and I predict we will be needing to wait for a season 2.

What are your thoughts on Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken?


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