Why use Webtoon?

Firstly, what is Webtoon and then, why should you use Webtoon?

Webtoon is a free online reading service that offers tons of amazing stories for free with no ad interruptions, no bad or fuzzy quality and the best feeling is knowing that you are actually supporting the actual creator and reading their stuff legally. There are basically two places you can read webtoons, through the app or on the website. A lot of the stories are actually really good and the artwork varies from artist to artist.

Honestly, I started reading webtoons on a 3rd party app, completely unaware that Webtoons existed. I feel much happier supporting the genuine article as well as actually being up to date with the latest chapter with no delay.

The App

As you can see in the above image, space for me on my phone at the moment is an issue. I always have to debate how much I want a new app vs the use and love of my current apps. The Webtoon app has never been up for debate. The app on my phone takes less than 80megs of space and I have a lot of webtoons I am following and quite a few downloaded chapters. I love that the app is size aware.

I have also found it to be lighter on the data usage than I expected. While most of the time I use my apps while connected to Wi-Fi, there are times where I must use my own data. I thought it would devour my data because it is so image intensive. So this was a definite bonus for me.

The app is really easy to use (even if you are someone who struggles to adapt). The user-friendly design keeps things simple to understand as well as keeping the app itself, neat.

The Website

Webtoon’s website is not a place I spend a lot of time since I have the app. However, it was really simple to create my free account and have all of my subscribed webtoons available for me both on the site and on the app without having to resubscribe to each and every one of them. Yes, I read a lot and am following quite a number of webtoons.

I rather enjoy the day by day update feed that they have on their home page. The website has more ‘moveability’ for the user and it is easier to see all of what they have on offer.

The downsides of using Webtoon? There is no real, if you like this, you might like this, recommendations. While there is the ‘discover’ section, it just does not have that personal touch. More like, it shows the current top and trending webtoons as well as what is new. While they also have a lot of content and cover a wide array of genre their actual genre offers are on the limited side. They basically have the mains like Romance, Comedy, Horror, Mystery etc. So you really need to sift through their genres to find the more niche stuff you are looking for.

Overall the pro’s outweigh the cons and I had to really think about what the cons were. This is one of those apps that as a reader and enjoyer of ‘comics’, manga and the like that I have just fallen in love with and probably dedicate a tad to much time too.

What are your thoughts about Webtoon?


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