ComicCon Africa, my 2019 experience!

I can’t believe I am here already writing about ComicCon Africa 2019! The time has just flown by. ComicCon Africa ran over four days, which made for the longest convention that I have attended for the ‘geek’ community.

Saturday was so incredibly busy. Sunday even more so. Thankfully Monday offered a reprieve with a lower attendance before the rush of people on Tuesday once again.

There was so much going on at ComicCon Africa that it was impossible to take in everything. I made the hard decision to put my focus and attention on anime-related things. While there were tons of cosplayers, merch, pannels and more going on I kept focusing on anime and manga. However, that did not stop me from exploring all of the halls:

  1. Pop Culture
  2. Artist Ally and Cosplay Central
  3. Gaming and Tech
  4. Kids Con

ComicCon Africa 2019 Map.jpg

Saturday, there were so many people it was hard to actually see any of the stands or interact with the stand owners. I found it a tad overwhelming, bringing my claustrophobia to the forefront and making me flee the crowded walkways for a chance to breathe. However, I really enjoyed the vibe and exciting feelings in the air.  So many people with so many similarities in a single location was pretty amazing. It was great seeing convention friends once again and getting to admire the cosplayers and say hi to the vendors whom I have made friends with.

Sunday, I was looking forward to spending the day with my family and boyfriend as they were making the long haul through to the convention. I thought I was better mentally prepared for the day ahead. I was not. On the upside, I got to explore more of the gaming hall and found where some of the cosplayers were hiding out. I also managed to tag along with a group of cosplayers as they went for their photoshoots which led to getting a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the convention floors. I really enjoyed that my parents dressed for the occasion, my dad went for a pennywise (from IT) and my mom as Belle (from Beauty and the Beast). So I joined them and ‘Misty-d’ up and went as Misty from Pokemon. I can not explain the relief of finally getting the dang wig off of my head at the end of the day.

Monday, the day of the Naruto Run and the quietest day of the con. Finally a chance to actually browse. I tried to do live walkthroughs of the halls of the con and briefly managed. It took me over an hour to cover hall 5 without showcasing all the merch and activities. I simply strolled isle by isle and when I spotted something that screamed anime or demanded attention, I would focus on it in the video. I liked the idea of the live walkthroughs and will attempt them again in the future, just perhaps better equipped and planned next time.  The Naruto run proved to be a lot of fun and I managed to make a few new acquaintances. I may have stepped in a tad forcefully, but I could not help it.

In the evening we had the Cosplay meet up where we a bunch of us took over a food court at the Mall of Africa. I can confidently say we are a big and loud bunch full of friendly and joyful people. Our zone was filled with laughter and conversation going across the food court.

Tuesday, the final day. Basically, all I heard all day was that I looked tired. Guess that makes sense since I had full days and late nights while still squeezing in work. By Tuesday I took a couple pictures here and there but focused more on actually communicating with the people around me. I left Tuesday to really connecting with my fellows (when I could find them or they found me). I was trying to conserve my energy for the drive home. I purchased a new mousepad with Ulquiorra from Bleach on it and helped arrange a last-minute giveaway of a giant Blue Exorcist mousepad.

There was a lot of things to see and do that you practically needed a full day per hall to take it all in. I am still convinced that I have not seen everything on offer and wish I could split myself into 5 for each day. Even then, I doubt I would have seen everything.

I found really stunning anime figurines that I really really want but my rational side kept in control.

On the food side of things, it was pricier than what I had anticipated and the lines were long. Yet saying that, the food situation was better than last year. They didn’t run out of food, there was a range of choices and we didn’t spend 45 min on average in a line in the boiling sun.

I just wish that ComicCon Africa fell after payday, although it really helped me stick to my budget. Next year though, it will be and it falls on my birthday.

Some of the cosplayers at ComicCon Africa:

If you would like to see more of the cosplayers check out my Facebook page.

Behind the scenes look at some of my fellow content creators and friends:

The end of ComicCon was bittersweet. I knew I had the long drive home, but I was relieved I would not need to spend a full day on my feet once again, finally a break! Yet I was sad to see the end of another con. I was also sad to say cheers to some con friends, knowing that I won’t see them in person again until next year.

This year’s ComicCon Africa left me with the decision to become a more active participant in the geeky and otaku community around me. I’m not gonna lie, I found ComicCon Africa extremely exhausting, both mentally and physically. Mainly because I am not used to expending so much energy on people and moving so much each day. I had a blast, I am still tired and next year, I am going to train more, because yes, one way or another I will be at ComicCon Africa again next year.

ComicCon Africa Media AllAnimeMag (5)
Yay, I survived ComicCon Africa!

Hope to see you there!


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  1. I am still recovering from CCA and it’s been what, 3 weeks since then? lol
    I think for us introverts the mental drain is the worst but hopefully everyone is back at it again
    Ya kinda sucks that for most of our con friends, we won’t see them agian until next year but, it gives us enough time to recharge and prepare lol

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      1. It’s so odd, it shows the images just fine for me, but to be on the safeside I added them again (>.<)


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