The First 5 – Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

I had the basics down for this anime, or so I thought. I figured it would be another ‘copy and paste’ styled isekai with an overpowered main lead who would shake the world to its very core. In some respects I was correct and in others, I had no clue what I had just gotten myself into. Here are my thoughts on the first five episodes of ‘Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!’

Episode 1

A sweet and soft introduction to our main character makes me wonder if the whole season is going to be more on the ‘fluff’ side of things. I am really enjoying the artwork so far. ‘Mile’ seems to be talking to herself quite a bit. As I suspected, a spirt, no wait a nanomachine?! What?? Mile is definitely OP. So far the bad guys are morons. Okay, so Mile is a moron too.

Episode 2

A tad cliche and expected but the three characters we met in episode 1 are Mile’s roommates. Oh wow, the girls’ age range was not really what I was expecting. Hmm, the ‘joke’ of a 12-year-old being flat-chested is already getting old. Mi;e’s desire to be completely ordinary and average is rather counter-productive.  I am glad her roommates know she is a ditz. I am surprised Mile is actually training them.  No not the bunny! The poor poor bunnies! And the idiotic bad guys are out of jail.

Episode 3

From popular folk stories to a sudden 6 month time skip, what a way to kick off an episode! Well, at least we get to see her out in the world. Ah, the cliche drama has returned! A battle with the threat over the main cast that their school will be closed if they don’t succeed. The return of the moronic bad guys has happened a lot sooner than I had anticipated. And the baka MC agrees to a new bet because she would rather sacrifice herself than put faith in her friend’s abilities. Wait, did they just do poses with coloured backgrounds?! Yes, yes they did.

Episode 4

They now have a ‘home base’ and are working as waitresses. Glad to see they are looking for a quest. Although their first quest is not quite what they were expecting. Yet it was not too much for Crimson Vow. I really like Pauline. So many quests in such a short time and now the girls are headed to a more challenging quest with a goal in mind. A sudden change in clothes, pervy guys and bandits. Sounds like a legit adventure. Mile actually took a direct hit and we get a brief tragic flashback.

Episode 5

Looks like we are getting Reina’s back story now. Well, this happy go lucky feeling story got a dark element really quickly. Oh looks like we are getting the back story to multiple characters. Pauline’s mother is scary. Mile’s backstory gave me cinderella vibes…and then she pretended to be a goddess. Ah, Mile, you interesting character you. She shall never be ordinary. It’s just not in her to be so.

Will I be sticking with it or dropping it? I will be continuing this mostly upbeat and fluff piece of an anime. I am waiting for cute guy characters to appear but on the whole, I am quite content to watch these four girls carry on and deepen their friendship while facing and overcoming challenges together.

What are your thoughts on Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!?


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