Why Did I Start Watching One Piece? [1/30]

The Japan Anniversary Association has declared that the 22nd of July is recognised as “One Piece Day” since 2017. As such, here is the start of a 30 day journey answering 30 One Piece Questions, as I am a fan of the franchise.

While the original questions are asked with the anime in mind, they can easily be adapted for the manga as well. I shall personally be answering for both the anime and manga where I can. I hope you will find this fun and join me on this little adventure.

Why did I start watching the One Piece anime?


I resisted starting on the One Piece journey for so long. However, my brother pestered me trying to get me to watch the anime. I eventually caved in to his persistence and watched maybe 50 episodes before calling it quits. After a while, I got involved with the people over at SleepingGeeks and, after reading the One Piece focused posts, my curiosity was piqued once again. However, like my first attempt, I did not get too far into the anime before I lost interest once again.


It was on my third attempt at the anime that I decided to actually put in the effort and invest my time. I took it on with my 5-a-day policy for long-running anime. It took a few months, but I had done it. I had caught up. Now I watch, wait, let two or three months go by, and then catch up in a binge-watch session.

One Piece is available on Crunchroll and is up to date.

Why did I start reading the One Piece manga?

II caught up on the anime, mid-arc. After investing my time in over 800 episodes, I figured I may as well dive into the manga. I did this in two ways. I found what chapter the manga had left off at and started there. I wanted to know what happened next. I am not the most patient of people.


Once I decided to let the anime get ahead, I started the manga from chapter one and worked my way through in a massive binge reading. I am a really fast reader and daily start and catch up on many manga titles.

One Piece is available on the Shounen Jump app on Apple and Android.

Now I am curious, why did you start watching and/or reading One Piece? I look forward to your answer (^w^)

All my answers for the One Piece 30 Anime Questions here

If you answered this question with a blog post, please leave a link to your post below in the comments - I will remove any links that are not related to these 30 One Piece Questions.


7 thoughts on “Why Did I Start Watching One Piece? [1/30]

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      1. So you must be reading it chapter by chapter and not by the tankouban (spelling?).
        Do you find it a different experience reading by the chapter instead of by the book?


      2. Gotcha.
        Well, good luck and I hope you keep enjoying it. I just started one piece (again) and am hoping I can power through it, albeit rather slowly. How many chapters did you read a month when you were catching up?

        Sorry for being so nosy, but I am trying to find a good groove for me and manga reading so I can do it long term without burning out.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No prob and when I first started, 5 a day. I could get through them on my lunch break so was a good pace for me – and still meant I could carry on with my other series too

        Liked by 1 person

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