Reasons I Think That Others Should Not Start One Piece [3/30]

I kI know that this can come across as a more negative question, but there are legitimate reasons for people to avoid One Piece. I shall be listing my reasons, as a fan of One Piece but also as someone who had to put the effort in so that I could enjoy the series.  This is the 3rd post of the 30 One Piece Questions series.

Why do I feel others should avoid One Piece?


One Piece has so many plot points, characters, and developments over its run that it is sad that there are some glaring reused plot points and predictable plot twists. The fillers are also painful to watch and there are so many flashbacks. Between each arc, there is an entire section of flashback episodes covering every arc previously and how each character joined the crew. 

The main cast stands out, no doubt, even the side male characters-however, the same can’t be really said for the side female characters. Their physical looks are more of a copy-paste, recolour effect. 


I am also getting bored of the ‘saving the princess’s/prince’s’ country plot lines. Just because different methods are used and it is a new island or country does not mean that we, as the audience, are not over-exposed to it. 

There are so many episodes and chapters and it’s still ongoing! The high number of episodes and chapters means that it is very easy to get put off and, a lot of the time, the entire arc could have been shortened without missing any vital information. Some of the arcs really do drag on for way too long, and some of the action does as well. We also get too much backstory for side characters that we really don’t need. Sometimes it’s just too much-just get on with the story.

I watch the anime and I read the manga, but I sometimes avoid One Piece just because I need a break and a breather.

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