One Piece Episode That Brings Me Joy [10/30]

Deciding which One Piece episode was hard. I looked at the list of One Piece episodes on Wiki to refresh my memory and to get their actual episode names. While going through the list I thought of the various episodes that I really, really like and honestly do not mind watching again.

Such episodes include the one where Usopp fought Luffy – knowing that he had no chance of winning. I also looked at the episode where Pudding says bye to Sanji, the episode where the crew get sent flying away from one another by Pacifista, also where Zoro takes the damage for Luffy. I also like Merry’s farewell. There are so many memorable moments.

Here is the 11th day and 10th post of my 30 One Piece Questions in 30 days series. I was too busy yesterday, so I am late in posting this. I shall also be posting the answer to the 11th question later today.

My Favourite One Piece Episode: 522 – Everyone Together! Luffy, Setting Out for the New World!


I love the crew members reuniting after the time skip. Technically the reunions start from episode 517 but the episode that they are all finally together is iconic for me and has stuck with me. This episode shows the Straw Hat Pirates are seen together in over 100 episodes.


Not only is the reunion such a great moment, I love seeing Rayleigh stop the marines with a single move. I also liked seeing Perona with Zoro again. Just the way the crew assemble at the ship. This episode just makes me happy and gives me so many feel good vibes.

Which are your favourite episodes from One Piece?

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