4 Moments That Made Me Laugh in One Piece [18/30]

One Piece is marked as a comedy so it comes as no surprise that there are a plethora of funny moments in One Piece. Below I mention 4 popular One Piece moments that genuinely made me laugh. Here is the eighteenth day and the 18th question of my 30 One Piece Questions. I have finally caught up on the questions.


4 funny One Piece moments for me:

As per normal, I have given key statements as the name of the moment to try keep these spoiler free. So if you know the moment, you probably know why I was laughing.

1. A sexy swordswoman with meat


2. Law trying to get Luffy to follow a plan – and regretting his choices

3. Ninja’s don’t say nin-nin


4. Surprise path crossing with Ace, Luffy and Smoker


Which moments in One Piece did you find funny?

All my answers for the One Piece 30 Anime Questions here

If you answered this question with a blog post, please leave a link to your post below in the comments - I will remove any links that are not related to these 30 One Piece Questions.


Your thoughts?

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