5 One Piece Moments That I Can Not Forget [19/30]

I have attempted to watch One Piece a few times, thus I have seen many of the moments in the series at least two times. I am also busy with a rewatch and to get screenshots for these posts. I have been re-watching and reexperiencing many of my favourite One Piece moments to get screenshots.

Here is the nineteenth day and the 19th question of my 30 One Piece Questions.


5 One Piece moments that I will never forget:

To make things as spoiler-free as possible, have not gone into too much detail and just highlighted the One Piece moments that I will not forget. For those in the know, you can probably understand why these moments left such an impression that I just can not forget.

Most of my memorable moments are from before the time skip. I am saving post time skip for another post.

1. Zoro’s iconic loyalty and responsibility


2. Nami repeatedly stabbing herself

3. Dream and goal declaration before Reverse Mountain


4. Luffy breaks down after his loss

5. Sanji crying

I know I mention this moment a lot in this series, but that’s just how much impact it had on me.

Which moments in One Piece are you unable to forget?

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Your thoughts?

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