The funniest One Piece Character for Me [20/30]

We all have different senses of humour which is why I am curious about who is the funniest character for different One Piece fans. When you look at many polls and lists on line, you can see that Usopp tends to be the number one for comic relief in One Piece. Yet personally, he is not a character that I click with and I am not the biggest fan of his comedic sense.

Here is the twentieth day and the 20th question of my 30 One Piece Questions.


Sanji is the funniest One Piece character for me

While many would argue that I am picking Sanji for the funniest character due to me openly being bias and simping for him. However, while there may be slight truth to that, it is more like his sense of humour is partially why I simp for him.

I adore his quippy one liners and drier sense of humour. I enjoy wit and sarcasm and double meaning. So out of all the over the top characters and outlandish comedic routines, Sanji’s is the one who appeals to me the most.

Who is the funniest character of One Piece for you?

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Your thoughts?

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