The One Piece Character That I Am Most Like Is…[26/30]

Deciding which character from One Piece that is most like me, or that I am most like, was really difficult. It was really challenging due to the number of characters the series has on offer and the fact that I do not really see myself in any of them. I though on it for ages, I asked the community, I asked friends and I spent hours reading character sheets going over the personality aspects. This is the result.

Here is the twenty sixth day and the 26th question of my 30 One Piece Questions series.


Community Choice: Nami

Nami as the selected choice from the community, both surprises and does not. The image I used to ask the question, I had orange hair in it. Other than that, like the WhatsApp group comments, I can also see the reason for the answer. I am bossy when needed and keep the group working in the way that I want it to. Plus I keep my groups and communities on course.

A surprising mention was Shyarly and I rather like this mention. Reading her personality I can see myself in her and I liked that she was an option given outside of the main cast.

Friend Choice: Nico Robin


This one does not surprise me. Between the fact that I am a book lover, avid reader and overall a calm person I can see it. I do like her logical side. “Book nerd but with a dark demonic side” – yea, I can see it.

The One Piece character I personally think I am most like: Bepo


When going through my narrowed down character list, I had a feeling that Bepo was calling to me. He gets depressed easily and apologizes frequently. He is accused of being weak willed, but is actually strong-willed. Considered meek but those who know him, know otherwise. He occasionally does foolish things and can be a bit messy. Dang, its like looking in a mirror. Not to mention he too was bullied when he was younger. I am ignoring the physical capabilities and focusing on the personality for this choice.

Which character in One Piece is most like you and why?

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Your thoughts?

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