Matatabi, the Two Tailed Beast

Matatabi is the two tailed bijuu in the anime Naruto Shippuden. Matatabi is introduced in the 313 manga chapter and episode 72 of Naruto Shipuden. Matatabi is more commonly known as the Two-Tails.



A cat-like creature with a blaze of blue fur. It possesses heterochromatic eyes, with a yellow pupil on the right and a green pupil on the left. Matabi has two flexible tails that can be moved in any direction and are just as flexible They are covered in blue flames, just as the rest of Matabi’s body is.



Despite its immense size and might, Matabi manages to maintain a high level of sophistication and politeness. It began its introduction to Naruto by using a customary honorific to introduce himself. Matabi, which sometimes refers to itself as “watashi”, is recognised for using a more polite and female term.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Matatabi is capable of supplying chakra to others, which it can then use to form the Tailed Beast Ball. It can employ the Fire Release kekkei genkai, and can share it with its host to produce fireballs. Matatabi also has an unusual physique that gives it tremendous speed despite its big stature. Matatabi’s brute strength is capable of pulverising opponents or launching them into the air with a single sweep of its paw. This, in conjunction with the tails of the other tailed animals, might completely annihilate a whole Susanoo empowered by senjutsu.

The following are some of Matatbi’s skills: lightning-speed and fire release, which it can also lend to others. With its gigantic paws and brute power, it’s capable of quickly crushing or sending foes flying.

Jinchūriki: Yugito Nii

Yugito Nii was chosen as the Two-Tails’ jinchriki when she was two years old. To become a Two-Jinchriki, Tail’s she had to go through a gruelling training routine that was forced upon her. By the time she had finished, Yugito Nii had the power to direct her transformation into the two-tails when she wanted to.


Shukaku is Voiced by:

  • Ryōko Shiraishi in the original Japanese (subbed) anime.
  • Cristina Vee in the English (dubbed) anime.


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