Detective Conan Catch Up Month 3

Month 3, March, for me was an insane month for me and made my 5 episodes of Detective Conan per day nigh impossible. Still, I gave it my best effort. Watching the anime 5 episodes of Case Closed at a time means it should take me 7 months to completely catch up with the anime.

Detective Conan

Three months into Detective Conan and…


I have completed 339 episodes of the estimated 1062 episodes. That means I have roughly 723 episodes to go! I am actually surprised that I have gone beyond the 300 episode mark in the series. I am now roughly left with the number of episodes where One Piece was when I decided to start challenging the long-running anime with just 5 episodes a day.

My goal was to watch 155 episodes throughout the month, however, I only managed to watch 76 episodes. On the 16th, I decided to put the anime on hold for the rest of the month. I did this due to Anime March Madness. With that particular anime challenge, I had no time for Detective Conan. I was rushing through it, not paying attention and just watching to get it done. I decided to stop my lack-lustre approach to Conan when I saw things were reaching a really high-stake point and I did not want to ruin it for myself by rushing through because ‘I had to’. 

Now that we are in April, I am picking up my 5-a-day again. I am so glad I paused my watch. It was the right call. It also gave me a decent breather, time to think through what has happened in the previous episodes and built up the tension I have for the upcoming episodes. 

Detective Conan Anime Case Closed episode Checklist AllAnimeMag

Thoughts I have about Detective Conan

For a long while now I have been wanting to see Kogoro Mouri solve a case on his own. Not incompetently not by chance and certainly not with assisted guidance from Shinichi. I was starting to think I would not get it. Then one specific case aired and I could not have been happier. Mori was fully himself and solved the case in his own way and to top it all off he handled it brilliantly. It only took waiting for season 11 to see it happen. 

Kogoro Mouri Detective Conan

I am glad that Ran knows how to defend herself. I am now starting to wonder if her parents sent her for lessons due to the fact that she gets targeted a lot. Or if being a ‘target’ is a new thing for her. Yet episodes showing past events make it seem as if it is not something new. This also gets me wondering, why is such a capable character made into the ‘victim’ trope so frequently. Almost as frequently as using Mori as an alibi plotline.

I am liking that the episodes are expanding on characters and their lives. I enjoy the episodes we spend with Ran and her mother. Although the relationship between Kogoro and Eri is frustrating and not in the sense of ‘they should just kiss and make up’. The communication levels between them is frustrating for me to watch. Seems like even though they understand each other, they can not communicate. They are probably better off split up. Ran should also stop trying to trick her parents into spending time together – although her actions do make sense. She is just a teen who wants her parents to make up. But how long has Ran played the middleman? The entire time I think about how damaging that whole situation is. But I love series with complicated relationship dynamics – and not just romantic ones.

Black Organization Detective Conan

I still want our main character to prioritise his own case a little more. I did not expect that he would be so rash when he did have a solid lead. I understand that he is desperate but I did not expect that he would be so rash and reckless. It made me stressed. I know he is the main character, but still.

 Also, Conan gets sick rather frequently. I don’t have much to say about that, it’s just been on my mind.  I also just need to say that hearing Ran say that she has gotten used to Shinichi being gone made me sad.

Questions I have about the series

Detective Conan
  • Why is Conan so okay with exposing the children to danger and dead bodies?
  • How much time has passed since he turned into a child? – A floating timeline does not sit well with me
  • Will Ran ever know who Conan really is without having it explained away?
  • Why does Ran live with her dad and not her mom?
  • Who is Kaito Kid in the grand scheme of things?
  • Why are so many characters suddenly calling Conan, ‘cool guy’?

The fourth month of my Detective Conan journey has officially begun. Are you taking on any long-running anime?


Your thoughts?

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