The One Piece Character That I Am Most Like Is…[26/30]

challenging due to the number of characters the series has on offer and the fact that I do not really see myself in any of them. I though on it for ages, I asked the community, I asked friends and I spent hours reading character sheets going over the personality aspects. This is the result.

4 Things That I Dislike About One Piece [25/30]

One Piece has it's pros and that means that it also has its cons. A while back I did a post on why I would advise people to avoid starting One Piece as well as why they should start it. Yesterday I discussed a few reasons why I like One Piece and so it is only fair to discuss things that I dislike about the series. Here I shall discuss four of my core reasons for disliking the series, even though I am a fan.

4 Things That I Like About One Piece [24/30]

As one of the first few questions I answered the question of why I think people should watch One Piece, but that did not cover what I personally like about the series. There are a few reasons why I personally like and enjoy One Piece. Here I shall discuss four of my core reasons for liking the series.

Physical or Digital, I Prefer to Read my One Piece Manga in… [23/30]

Every reader I know has their preferred medium. Some readers like the hard copy and others prefer the digital. You also get the readers that listen to their books or just do not care how they get to consume their story. Working in a book store has taught me that there are many different types of readers.

Dub or Sub, I watch One Piece in… [23/30]

There seems to be an imagined hierarchy with some anime viewers who believe watching subbed anime is better than watching dubbed. I do not agree nor buy into that. Thus, I included this question into the series. This one is obviously only for the anime watchers. The manga focused question will be posted in a few hours.

Showing Off One Piece Merch That I Own [22/30]

Over the years of watching and reading One Piece, I have managed to gather some merchandise. I shall share pictures of the merch I have, I am just sad that none of it is actually licensed. The only piece of licensed merch from One Piece that I probably have on my shelves is actually owned by my brother. He purchased it and it somehow wound up at my place on my shelf. He knows it is here - probably. Although a poster or two and maybe a few other pieces of my merch.

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