6 One Piece Manga Covers That I Love and Why [12/30]

or my fellow manga readers. With over 1000 chapters and almost 100 volumes for the manga, we have a whole lot of cover art to choose from.

4 One Piece Fan Art Pieces That I Am Obsessed With [11/30]

For these 30 One Piece questions I have made it possible to answer for the anime as well as the manga. As such, day 11's first post, 'Which One Piece opening track did you enjoy the most?' is obviously focused on the anime, as such the question for favourite fan art is to count in my fellow manga readers.

AFAF: The Seven Deadly Sins

It always amazes me how quickly Friday arrives and before I know it, I have yet to do my own fan art piece. Thankfully it is not my pieces that I feature, otherwise there would be no fan art. I hope you enjoy this week's submissions and sourced fan art. Your submitted fan art for... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Magi

I was so happy today, the fan art feature received it's very first cosplay photos which are a form of art! They are pretty epic! I am happy to see that the form of fan art is branching out and I just hope that this feature keeps growing and getting more and more interesting! Your... Continue Reading →

How does Anime Fan Art Friday work?

I kind of started doing the Anime Fan Art Friday feature last year on a whim and mainly sourced fan art that I personally liked. Then I decided to turn this into a more interactive event where I ask my followers on all the social media platforms that I am on to submit their fan... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Dragon Ball

This week felt extra short for me since it was basically a three day week for me. With Friday and then Tuesday being a public holiday my boss was kind enough to close the company on Monday making for a 5-day weekend. Thus, this week, Friday really arrived rather quickly. Your submitted fan art for... Continue Reading →

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