Detective Conan Catch Up Month 6

Catching up on Detective Conan and I have completed six of my seven month journey.

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 4 and 5

Catching up on Detective Conan during April and May was difficult but I did it!

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 3

March for me was an insane month for me and made my 5 episodes per day nigh impossible. Still, I gave it my best effort.

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 2

Taking on the massive series with over 1 000 episodes, Detective Conan has so far been a challenge. With the end of February that meant my second month of watching a few episodes a day has come to an end.

Anime March Madness 2022

Anime March Madness started as a whim last year. It was for the purpose of clearing through a lot of the anime on my to-watch-list and the perpetual on my 'watching' list.

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 1

As a long time anime consumer and then turned blogger, I felt that I needed to give Detective Conan a fair shot.

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