My Gumtree Experience Buying Second-Hand Manga

This is the first time I have purchased anything second hand online and I chose Gumtree as the base point. When purchasing things online I usually stick with the direct source, so if anything goes wrong there is a point of contact and a procedure that can be followed.

Tech Fix Play or Now Play Tech

Originally known as Tech Fix Play, the website has had an overhaul! That overhaul means that there is more anime merchandise listed and available for online purchasing in South Africa! Yeah, Baby! I have spotted their stall at rAge for years and would pop onto their website occasionally but my luck would be bad and... Continue Reading →

Favourite Anime Purchase 2016

This year was one of my more expensive years regarding anime and manga. It was also the first year that I also received a lot of things to do with anime as presents, either for my Birthday or just as a general gift which I love! However for the first time I really saved up... Continue Reading →

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