Anime Intro Quiz #4

At least the wait for the fourth anime intro quiz was not too long this time around. I had quite a bit of fun putting this one together. The quiz will be slightly different next time for number 5 but there will only be minor changes. Remember to set the volume on the video so... Continue Reading →

Anime Intro Quiz #3

Finally here is the third anime intro quiz that I put together. Some are claiming that this one is rather easy, until number 5. Remember to set the volume on the video so you can hear the intros. How many of the 10 could you get? Comment below 🙂 Which of the anime intro’s in the... Continue Reading →

Belated welcome to 2017!

Wowie the first week of 2017 has already come and basically gone! Time truly flies by and gets away from us. However if it is already running away from me I am worried about how quickly the rest of this year will go by. As it is I am late in releasing the anime calendars... Continue Reading →


Here are the answers to the One Piece Match Up challenge!


Do you know the order the members joined?

True Or False: Sword Art Online Answers

Well did I manage to pull the wool over your eyes or did you catch me out?

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