40 Anime on ANIMAX South Africa

2007-2010 South Africa's DSTV provided the channel ANIMAX. It was a TV network that offered 40 English dubbed anime titles.

Revisiting my Black Cat anime review

Anime Review

Anime that never gets old

For this answer I will be mentioning a couple of anime. Of course I could not limit myself to just a singular anime but you probably already knew that. I have watched so many anime and there are some that I have not watched again. However there are just some anime I cannot stay away... Continue Reading →

Top 10 characters

My birthday is coming up this month and as a result people have been asking me what I want and honestly I haven't a clue. As such my best friend decided she will get creative and asked me who my favourite character was. Just one. That threw me for a loop, I mean how can... Continue Reading →

Favourite male anime character, be still my beating heart.

My fave male character. Whose yours?

Creed Diskenth

How much do you know about Creed?

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