Running on Empty

I stumbled upon this by browsing through the archives of the Shounen Ai genre where I read most of my manga. Mangaka: Kim Jea-eun Genre: Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai Chapters: 12 Status: Complete Release Date: 2008 Anime adaption: No Kanji: 허공의 질주 About: Han Soo-bum has contemplated suicide and has finally decided to go through with... Continue Reading →

Mairunovich, a mushroom’s transformation

Mangaka: Sato Zakuri Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo Chapters: 76 Status: Complete Release Date: December 2010 Anime adaption: No About Kinoshita Mairu is troubled, she is called the poison mushroom by her classmates and has even taken to calling herself that as well. All because she is ugly. She is even apologetic to her cute... Continue Reading →

12-ji kara Hajimaru

I read this ages ago. It is a very quick read and it got buried amongst a lot of other manga I had read at the same time. Then I saw it listed on Two Happy Cats as part of their blog post '4 Manga I’d Rather Die Than Read Again' and it got me thinking.... Continue Reading →

Kyō, Koi wo Hajimemasu

Yay I am finally getting around to doing my first manga review! I am really happy right now although I did just read this manga yesterday and finished it just a few hours ago. Like most of the manga I have read, I just stumbled upon it. It consumed me and I just had to... Continue Reading →

Manga That Continues After the Anime #2

Their stories do go on.

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