Noragami: If You Can Hear My Cry

Chapter 73 of Noragami was a nice short and quick paced story. A nice break from the long arc which had just ended. This is a chapter analyis so there are bound to be spoilers. You have been warned! Otherwise if you don't really care, are just curious or you are keeping up with the... Continue Reading →

Noragami: Negation

After a long silence we finally have chapter 72 and it was worth the wait. Warning this is a chapter analyse post so it is riddled with massive spoilers! It is Daikou’s turn to face the Ritual of Covenant to decide whether Heaven is right or wrong. Thankfully Daikou is spared and with that it... Continue Reading →

2017 Calendars now up!

Here are the 2017 anime calendars that are free to download! I was up really late last night finishing them off. Sorry for them being slightly late but at late is better than never. I had a long list that I wanted to create but time was pressing so I have only been able to... Continue Reading →

Favourite goofy anime character

Once again I am challenged with the F word, favourite, and I am stumped. Plus what do they mean by goofy? As in clumsy, silly, insane? I went with the not quite a full box of chocolates type characters who make me smile for my meaning of the word goofy. So what did that leave... Continue Reading →

Best supporting female anime character

This one did not take much for me to answer. The below ladies I feel are underrated especially since their existence is so important. Without these ladies the anime would not have occurred the way it did and their outcomes would be vastly different. Kofuku She was a much needed friend to Yato for decades.... Continue Reading →

Crazy Hey Kids Lyrics

Noragami Argoto - Crazy Hey Kids!!

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