The funniest One Piece Character for Me [20/30]

We all have different senses of humour which is why I am curious about who is the funniest character for different One Piece fans. When you look at many polls and lists on line, you can see that Usopp tends to be the number one for comic relief in One Piece. Yet personally, he is not a character that I click with and I am not the biggest fan of his comedic sense.

5 One Piece Moments That I Can Not Forget [19/30]

I have attempted to watch One Piece a few times, thus I have seen many of the moments in the series at least two times. I am also busy with a rewatch and to get screenshots for these posts. I have been re-watching and reexperiencing many of my favourite One Piece moments to get screenshots.

4 Moments That Made Me Laugh in One Piece [18/30]

Below I mention 4 popular One Piece moments that genuinely made me laugh. Here is the eighteenth day and the 18th question of my 30 One Piece Questions. I have finally caught up on the questions.

5 Moments That Shocked Me in One Piece [17/30]

Eiichiro Oda, the creator behind One Piece is a master of story telling. He has so many inter-connected plot points and foreshadowing that you do not realise is foreshadowed until a certain moment happens or connection is made. As such there have been quite a number of shocking revelations and moments throughout One Piece.

My 3 Saddest Moments in One Piece [16/30]

One Piece has its fair share of really memorable and heart breaking moments. This post does contain spoilers. My saddest moments include up until the arc on Cake Island, Sanji's family and Big Mom's plot. Below I have listed a few moments and I can not decide which hurts my heart more.

3 of My Least Liked One Piece Characters [15/30]

Ussop used to one of the characters that I did not like. This was because of his voice. However, after re-watching One Piece and meeting a lot more characters, I have changed my mind. Ussop also grew and I adapted to his voice. Thus he is no longer my most annoying character from One Piece. Another character now holds that title, or rather three do.

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